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Black Friday blenders on Amazon: NutriBullet, Magic Bullet and Ninja

By Leah Bjornson

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A food processor or blender isn’t just another kitchen appliance. It’s a sous chef, and like a sous chef, it will instantly upgrade your cooking skills. That goes for whether you’re interested in using it to make simple morning smoothies or elaborate soups and pasta fillings.

I know from experience — as an aspiring home chef, I’ve slowly added slow cookers, cast irons, and food processors to my collection. Now, when I find a mouth-watering recipe I like online, I don’t have to worry about whether I have all the tools required to actually cook it (having the talent required is another question…). I can experiment with new flavors and dishes, knowing that whatever step of the recipe I come up against, I’ll be able to blend, puree, or mix it to perfection.

Part of the reason it’s taken me time to add appliances to my kitchen entourage is that these products, while not too expensive, are pricey enough to escape the world of impulse buys. But thanks to Black Friday sales, anyone can add a new blender or food processor to their kitchen for a fraction of the usual cost. Here are three deals I’d encourage any home cook to check out on Amazon this week:

NutriBullet — $48

best black friday blender deals ninja and nutribullet

My former roommate used her NutriBullet every morning to whip up a smoothie before work, but its abilities go far beyond that. Use it to create fresh pestos, blend your own hummus, or even grind nuts into almond milk. This 12-piece blender is a great entry-level appliance because it’s relatively compact, yet still powerful enough to blend sauces and similar recipes that supplement dishes.

The NutriBullet has a single speed and four capabilities: shred, blend, grind, and chop. It comes with an extractor blade, a milling blade, three cups (one tall, two short), two lip rings, two resealable lids, and a cookbook. Regularly priced at $60, you’ll find it this Black Friday on Amazon for $48, a savings of 20 percent.

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Magic Bullet — $24

best black friday blender deals ninja and nutribullet magic bullet

It seems like everyone and their aunt has a Magic Bullet these days, and for good reason. This versatile appliance lets you chop, mix, blend, grind, mince and whip anything in 10 seconds or less. Making smoothies or simple recipes like guacamole top the list of uses, though it can also handle unpleasant tasks like chopping onions (just like a good sous chef would).

The small blender is regularly priced at $40, now discounted to $24, 40 percent off.

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Ninja Smart Screen Blender with 1000-Watt Base — $80

best black friday blender deals ninja and nutribullet

Designed with a sleek matte black frame and base and a responsive touchscreen, the Ninja takes your blending to the next level. Built with pre-set Auto-iQ programs, it automatically adjust to create smoothies, shakes, drinks, purees and even ice cream. Switch between that and the manual controls for complete customization of your recipe. While the NutriBullet and Magic Bullet are both standalone products, Ninja offers a range of blenders and food processors with various capabilities. This means if you like what this blender has to offer, you can expand your Ninja arsenal with other matching countertop appliances.

Unlike the other blenders on this list, the Ninja does not come with portable cups or alternative blades. If you’re like my former roommate and often take your smoothie to work, you may want to invest in the matching Nutri Ninja Cups. This blender is available for $80 during Black Friday, on sale from the usual $130, a savings of 38 percent.

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