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Pixel Stand may turn your phone into an Assistant-powered smart screen

By Christian de Looper

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The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may have stolen the show at Google’s annual hardware event, but they weren’t the only devices that the company unveiled. In fact, like Apple did with AirPower a little over a year ago, Google is also showing off a new wireless charger — called the Google Pixel Stand.

The release of the Pixel Stand certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. The device was leaked a few times before Google’s October 9 event, so we already knew about its existence. While it may primarily serve as a wireless charging dock, it also offers more features — namely, it turns your phone into a Google Assistant screen when it’s charging, offering up information you may need when you need it.

When you dock your phone, the user interface of your device adjusts to show information that you can see at a glance. The information, as you might expect, is powered by Google Assistant — so you will be able to quickly and easily ask Assistant to find information for you, kind of like how you can on the new Google Home Hub. On top of that, Google says you will be able to control your smart home devices while your phone is docked, and it knows your morning routine — so when you wake up, it will display information like commute times. Other features include the fact that when you dock your phone at night, it’ll automatically switch to Do Not Disturb, and when it’s waking you up in the morning it will display ambient light to help you wake up. During the day, you can also display an album of your favorite photos in a slideshow while your phone charges.

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For those interested in the Google Pixel Stand, it’s now available for pre-order for $80 straight from the Google Store. Google didn’t specifically name a date for full availability of the device, but we assume it’ll follow the Pixel 3’s lead and be available for purchase starting on October 18.

Alongside the Pixel Stand, Google also announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, as well as the new Google Home Hub, a smart display that comes fully loaded with Google Assistant, and Pixel Slate, a Chrome OS 2-in-1. To learn more about everything Google announced, check out our handy roundup.

Updated on October 9, 2018: The Google Pixel Stand has been announced.

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