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Jennifer Ettinger talks fitness, followers, and how to balance both

By Jacob Kienlen

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When it comes to health and fitness, there has always been a lot of buzz around the idea of a quick fix or an instant solution, but it’s never that easy in reality. Being healthy isn’t a just a task you get to accomplish and be done with, it’s a way of life that you need to struggle to adopt. However, with so many media outlets pushing the “ideal” body type of men and women down our throats, finding our way into a healthy groove can be rather frustrating.

In our first guest series, we talked to lifestyle expert and influencer Jennifer Ettinger about what drives her in this day and age. As an ACE certified trainer and health coach with 14 years of experience, she really knows her stuff. But her dedication and passion to help women stemsmostly from her own battle with chronicfatigue syndrome. She has been there herself and understands the internal struggle of those who are challenged with weight and health issues.

Below, Jennifer shares what inspires her and how she finds balance. Check back with us here on July 16 and 17 for some great Prime Day deals on her favorite products that helped guide her along the way.

Digital Trends:How would you describe who you are and what you do to someone who’s just learned about you?

Jennifer:I’m a social PR correspondent and digital storyteller. I am proud to have a reputation for creating authentic, amplified brand awareness across social media channels. I am also a lover of all things pink! Creator of #PinkDreams: A motto and lifestyle to live a positive lifewhile obtaining your dreams.

Being active on multiple social platforms as an influencer, how does your approach to content differ on each platform?

I strive to tell a complete story across all social platforms. I am very sensitive to the fact that each platform has its secret sauce. I play off those strengths. I view each platform as a chapter to my digital storytelling. I want to entice my followers to follow me on all platforms, knowing they will learn and observe different elements of the story. However, there are times where I will share stories of a similar nature, when it is BIG news!

As someone who essentially teaches others how to live a certain lifestyle, how do you educate yourself?

I surround myself with incredible global teachers. I have bimonthly phone sessions and weekly web classes. They inspire me to think big and in pink.

A lot of your work lives online. How do you handle trolls and criticism?

I have to be honest, whether is it due to my positive nature and brand, I rarely attract negative people. Like minds attract like minds. When I do get deleted, I am cool with that! It is the universe’s way of editing. On that rare occasion I do receive flack, I will always share that I respect their opinion with the idea: You have a right to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as do I.

What would you say is the key to success in your work?

By leading with humanizing social media. I could care less how many followers someone has. I want to see your heart, your passion and your truth. In exchange, I will do the same. Let’s be conversational versus confrontational.

We can’t talk about success without talking about failure. Tell us about a time you’ve failed along your path and how it helped you move forward.

I am ALL about trusting the process of failing forward. This is a key lesson from my mentors. Recently, I have learned that although loss is painful, clarity is the outcome and provides a new perspective.

Let’s switch it up a bit. Tech-wise, what is the coolest invention you’ve seen lately that you’d love to get your hands on?

I am desperate for a cleaning robot! I recently saw a cleaning ball (in pink) that will make all of my dreams come true!

What piece of advice would you give someone who’s just beginning to incorporate health and fitness into their life?

It is ALL about the baby steps! When I was bedridden, I forced myself to work out out only 2 minutes a day; 14 years later, I am a global health and lifestyle expert! Take it one moment at a time. We ALL fall off our goals due to real life. The key is to begin again.

What three tools/gadgets are essential to you in maintaining your lifestyle?

My kindle fire is in my hand, every day. I always have 10 books in my kindle unlimited ready to go! I take it on my commute to work to catch up on my shopping too! I love the size, the clarity, and the ease of use.

The BEST gift I received at Christmas was my Tile. Like most people, I’m constantly on the go and losing either my phone or my keys. The tile is my virtual life saver, with just the push of a button my phone or keys can be found! Everyone should own it!

Lastly, my iPhone X truly is my outlet to this world we live in. It is my digital dairy. From my curated photos to my daily posts, my phone provides all I need to great quality images and fast processing and of course the opportunity to engage with my social communities!

What types of products do you recommend to your audience to help them in achieving their goals?

The products need to be of good quality and have a strong brand reputation. We will usually set up a home studio consisting of kettle balls, dumbbells, stability balls and yoga mats. I encourage finishing touches such as candles, essential oils and music to complete the ambiance. Everyone needs a stable fitness shoe based on their lifestyle goals. The kitchen needs appliance to make healthy choices fast and fun. Finally, every one should have ebooks to soothe the soul and feed the mind!

To see some of Jennifer’s favorite and highly recommended products, check back with us on July 16 and 17 for herPrime Day deal picks. If you want to learn more about Jennifer and her fitness story, you can visit her website, or follow her on Twitter for daily inspiration.

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