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5 Tips for Responsible Entertaining

As the holiday party season gets underway, the Distilled Spirits Council is sharing tips for hosting responsible holiday gatherings.


Sporting events dangerous for spectators, too

Serious sports injuries aren't confined to athletes -- spectators also run that risk, a new study finds.


More are seeking mental health care, but not always those who need it most

A new report shows the rate of people with serious psychological distress is declining, and more folks are seeking mental health care on an outpatient basis


Tip the scale in your favor

Whether you track your diet efforts on paper or with an app, frequent and consistent self-monitoring contributes to success. 


Too much time in the sun? Skin patch might tell

A new mint-sized, battery-free patch that alerts wearers to potentially harmful sunlight exposure in real time might become a powerful weapon in preventing skin cancer.


Toxic amounts of vitamin D spur dog food recall

Eight brands of dry dog food have been recalled because of potentially deadly amounts of vitamin D, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.


How to use the ECG app, set up irregular rhythm notifications on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch iPhone owners can own, and it just got even better with the addition of the ECG app and ability to identify irregular heart rhythms. Here's how to set it all up. More>>

REI clearance sale extends discounts on Garmin, Fitbit, and GoPro devices

Beyond the things you typically expect to find at REI — like tents, skis, and jackets — there are tons of great deals on quality tech foryour outdoor adventures. From smartwatches to action cameras, here are the best tech... More>>

The LG V40 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, and Watch W7 are discounted for the holidays

LG announced a series of deals for the holiday season where you can buy the company's two flagship phones, the V40 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ, as well as its latest smartwatch, for between $150 and $200 off, depending on the device. More>>

Amazon is slashing its prices on an array of top blenders

Quality blenders from Vitamix to Ninja and more are on sale at Amazon — just in time to gift them for Christmas. They're great for preparing tasty treats, and as a kitchen staple, they make a great gift for the budding... More>>

These fitness deals come just in time to work off those holiday calories

Finding the motivation to work out is one thing. Finding space at home to get in a few sets and reps can be an entire challenge in itself. Luckily for you, Walmart and Amazon both have space saving fitness machines and... More>>

Best Cyber Monday Smartwatch Deals

Cyber Monday is known for its awesome online sales. Smartwatches, fitness trackers .. they both will see deep discounts. Now is your chance to score a new wearable at rock bottom prices. More>>

Hospital discharge at Christmastime may not be a gift for some

No one wants to spend the holidays in a hospital bed, but heading home might not be a good idea, new research suggests.


Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch Series 4: Which one is the smartest?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch Series 4 are two of the best smartwatches available today. But which is better? We put the two watches head-to-head to find out which you should buy. More>>

Best Cyber Monday Apple Watch Deals

Cyber Monday deals are rolling in, and the most popular savings of 2018 are on Apple Watches. Save up to $80 on brand new Apple Watch Series 3 before the holidays. We've rounded up the best deals from Apple, Target, and... More>>

More blood pressure meds recalled due to carcinogen

Over the past few months, numerous recalls of the popular heart drug valsartan have already occurred. Now, generics maker Mylan Pharmaceuticals is adding more products to the list.


Rethinking where you shop for food

A change as simple as where you do most of your food shopping could translate to a better diet.


This implant goes beyond pacemakers, helps aging hearts beat more vigorously

The FDA's advisory committee has voted to recommend an innovative pacemaker-style gadget be approved in the U.S. The Optimizer Smart Implantable Pulse Generator boosts performance, strength, and pumping ability of weakened... More>>

Scans, ultrasound spot Zika brain defects

Ultrasounds and MRIs during pregnancy and after birth can detect most Zika-related brain abnormalities in infants, researchers report.


World's first baby born from deceased donor's transplanted uterus

The world's first baby born to a woman who had a uterus transplant from a deceased donor shows that such transplants can be successful, Brazilian doctors say.


1 in 10 will develop eczema in their lifetime

About 10 percent of people will suffer from the itchy skin condition known as eczema at some point in their lives, new research shows.


Old-fashioned play beats digital toys for kids, pediatricians say

If you're shopping for toys this holiday season, make sure some simple, old-fashioned items are on your list, pediatricians say.


Stimulating one brain area may ease tough-to-treat depression

Electrical stimulation of a certain part of the brain may offer a new option for "treatment-resistant" depression, a small new study suggests.


Parkinson's gene therapy wires new brain circuits

An experimental gene therapy for Parkinson's disease seems to work by rewiring key areas of the brain, a new study finds.


Dread the gym? This smart mirror delivers your fitness fix at home

Mirror, launched back in September, is part mirror and part LCD display with on-demand workouts built into it. We visited Mirror's HQ in NYC to test it out and to see if it's really worth cancelling that gym membership for. More>>

Best Black Friday Apple Watch Deals

The Apple Watch is one of the most wished for gifts this holiday season and for good reason -- we found both the Apple Watch 4  and the Apple Watch 3 to be among the best smartwatches currently available. Apple typically... More>>

Asian longhorned tick is invading United States

Americans have unwelcome eight-legged visitors from the East, and they're here to stay.


Prolonged brain connections seen in adults with autism

Connections between different areas of the brain are sustained longer than usual in people with autism, perhaps explaining some of their symptoms, a new study suggests.


Seniors on multiple meds a driving hazard

Many older drivers take medications known to raise the risk of a crash, a new study shows.


How safe is food you buy at farmers' markets?

You might love getting fresh produce at your local farmers' market, but you should wash everything thoroughly when you get home.


Freeze-dried vaccine may help rid world of polio

A freeze-dried polio vaccine that could be used in locations without refrigeration might help doctors conquer the disease, researchers report.


The 5 best Black Friday electric razors from Braun, Phillips, and Wahl

Popular brands like Braun, Phillips, and Wahl have all come forward with some pretty glorious savings. We've combed through Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to bring you the best Black Friday electric razor deals we... More>>

Next for disabling back pain? New discs from patients' own cells

People with disabling back pain may one day receive replacement spinal discs grown from their own stem cells, researchers say.


Black Friday blenders on Amazon: NutriBullet, Magic Bullet and Ninja

Adding appliances to your kitchen arsenal can be a pricey pursuit. But thanks to Black Friday sales, anyone can add a new blender or food processor to their kitchen for a fraction of the usual cost. More>>

Newly mapped genes may hold keys to ADHD

Millions of American kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have a genetic vulnerability to the disease, a new study suggests.


Brain changes seen in MRIs of young football players

High-impact hits may affect the brain development of children and teens after just one season of football, preliminary research suggests.


Finding the right number of 'reps' when strength training

When you first start strength training, almost any weight you lift will bring some results.


Key strategies when caring for a loved one with dementia

People caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia should focus on four main safety issues, an expert says.


Forget joysticks — the Guts Game is controlled by a sensor that you swallow

Researchers have created an unusual new game in which players swallow a biosensor and then compete to raise or lower the temperature in their gut. Sound crazy? Here's why it could catch on. More>>

Another dry eye harm: slowed reading

People with chronic dry eye may find the condition slows them down when they have to read beyond a couple of paragraphs, a new study suggests.


Here are the best Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa deals for Black Friday

Apple products are the most sought-after products for Black Friday, the leaked preview ads show what discounts retailers will have for the Apple Watch Series 3 and other smartwatches, such as the Fitbit Versa, this holiday... More>>

Obesity all on its own can raise your health risks

Obesity itself raises odds for diabetes and heart disease, even in the absence of conditions like high blood pressure, a new study finds.


Believe it or not, this fire-proof exoskeleton isn’t designed for space marines

A company called Levitate Technologies has developed a fire-resistant upper body exoskeleton that’s capable of lowering exertion levels by up to 80 percent when you carry out manual work. More>>

5 ways to get more whole grains into your diet

Making the switch to whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta are good ways to get more unrefined grains (and needed fiber) into your diet.


High deductibles may mean poorer diabetes care

For Americans with diabetes, high-deductible health insurance plans may lead to delays in diagnosing and treating dangerous blood vessel diseases, a new study suggests.


Hublot’s newest luxury watch is $25,000, and you can only pay in Bitcoin

The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P is the latest luxury timepiece from the watch brand, and is a special limited edition made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Eager buyers must use the cryptocurrency to buy one. More>>

New treatment could be breakthrough against peanut allergy

People with peanut allergy can protect themselves from an allergic reaction by consuming a small amount of peanut powder every day, a new study suggests.


Does air pollution raise autism risk?

Traffic-related air pollution may play a role in development of autism, new research suggests.


Weight-loss surgeries less common in states with high obesity rates

Americans in states with the highest obesity rates are less likely to have weight-loss surgery, researchers say.


Many infants with milk allergy seem to outgrow it

Milk allergy affects more than half of American infants who have food allergies in their first year of life, a new study finds.


The best Wear OS apps

Looking for some ways to spruce up that new Android smartwatch of yours? Here are the best Wear OS apps to download and use with any Android smartwatch, including a few specially enhanced for Wear OS 2.0. More>>

New sensor from L’Oréal tracks UV exposure to keep your skin safe from the sun

L'Oréal has announced a new wearable sensor that attaches to your clothing and can track ultraviolet light. The sensor uses NFC instead of Bluetooth -- meaning it doesn't need a battery to work properly. More>>

Climate change could change the ragweed sneezin' season

If you live in Maine and you've never experienced hay fever, new research predicts that climate change has an unwelcome surprise in store for you.


Can protein keep you healthier longer?

Researchers seeking the elusive fountain of youth are shining the spotlight on protein.


JLABS injects some tech into the medical industry

Innovating health care is expensive, risky, and complicated legally. One company is trying to remove these barriers with clever and altruistic approach. More>>

You may be prediabetic and don't know it, CDC warns

More than one-third of Americans have prediabetes, but 90 percent of them don't know they have it, medical experts say.


Tracking preemies' head size may yield IQ clues

Head-size measurements can help screen for long-term IQ problems in very premature or very low birth weight babies, researchers say.


The best snowshoes you can buy right now (updated for 2018)

Snowshoeing is a great way to stay fit and active during the winter months, but finding the right pair can be a challenge. Here are our picks of the five best snowshoes available today to keep you moving on the trail this... More>>

Selecting the right style of yoga for you

Yoga has many benefits, from increasing flexibility to reducing stress.


Even young football players not immune to damage from head injuries

The long-term effects of head injuries in football players begin at a young age, a new study finds.


Walmart kicks off Black Friday with a home gym discount

As the holidays inch nearer and nearer, some of the biggest retailers are unveiling their best Black Friday offers. If your objective is to start living a healthier life, Walmart has the best deal right now on a home gym. More>>

Wearable in Google patent will shake, bake, and shine to signal notifications

A new Google patent suggests that Google may be working on getting into the wearable game after all. The patent describes a wearable device that can vibrate, light up, and pulse when notifications arrive. More>>

Concussion tied to suicide risk

People who have experienced either a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury are twice as likely to commit suicide than others, a new review suggests.


Cancer may soon replace heart disease as leading killer of affluent Americans

Cancer is expected to overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death for well-off Americans by 2020.


Even a 2-minute walk counts in new physical activity guidelines

Take the stairs up to your office. Park a little further away from the grocery store. Walk your dog around the block. Carry out the trash.


Arm yourself against the coming flu season

If the last flu season is any indication, you need to take steps now to protect yourself against infection, an infectious diseases expert warns.


Navigating new parent nerves

A newborn can bring a sense of fulfillment to your life … and an equal amount of stress over everything from baby's health to your own parenting skills.


Yoga, meditation surging in popularity in U.S.

If it seems like everyone you know is trying yoga or meditation, you might be right. A new government survey shows that the number of Americans practicing the "mindfulness" techniques has surged in the past few years.


Sleepy drivers involved in 100,000 crashes a year

Driving under the influence and distracted driving are well-known hazards, but few people think twice about getting behind the wheel when feeling drowsy, a sleep expert warns.


Blood test may one day help track concussion recovery

It may be possible to use a blood test to diagnose and manage athletes' concussions, but the results could vary by race and gender, researchers report.


Think genes dictate your life span? Think again

Your life partner has a much greater influence on your longevity than the genes you inherited from your family, according to a new analysis of the family trees of more than 400 million people.


The bigger the brain, the bigger the tumor risk?

The bigger your brain, the greater your risk for a deadly brain cancer, new research from Norway suggests.


Scientists say neanderthals were exposed to lead, too

The earliest evidence of lead exposure has been discovered in 250,000-year-old teeth from the remains of two Neanderthals found in southeastern France, researchers say.


Sleep may speed kids' recovery from concussion

Good sleep helps speed young athletes recover from a concussion, a new study reports.


'Panic parenting' fear drives many women to freeze eggs

Trying to avoid "panic parenting" is the reason why many single women freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons, a small new study suggests.


Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Fitbit Versa: Which one should you choose?

Fitbit's latest fitness tracker -- the Charge 3 -- comes with smartwatch capabilities similar to the Fitbit Versa. With only a $50 difference between them, we pit the two wearables against each other to find out which one... More>>

Obesity may harm kids' academics, coping skills

Obese kids may have extra difficulty with schoolwork and coping under stress, a preliminary study suggests.


Could diabetes drugs help curb Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's patients taking diabetes drugs may have fewer signs of dementia in their brains than similar patients not taking the drugs, new research finds.


Parkinson's patients can have a normal life span

If thinking skills aren't affected, a person with Parkinson's disease can live a normal life span, a new study suggests.


Hospital infections in stroke patients raise other risks

When stroke patients get an infection while in the hospital, that may raise the chances they will wind up back in the hospital later, new research suggests.


Stigma of autism can take toll on psyche

Social stigma may play a large role in the depression, anxiety and other mental health woes experienced by many people with autism, a small new study indicates.


Jaybird doubles down on fitness with the Tarah Pro wireless earbuds

Jaybird is debuting wireless earbuds aimed at those who take their fitness seriously with the new Tarah Pro, which feature more than double the battery life of the original, plus expanded fit options for maximum comfort. More>>

NYPD pulls thousands of its body cameras after one of them exploded

The NYPD has recalled thousands of body cameras after one of them exploded during an officer's shift on Sunday. No one was injured in the incident, which is thought to have been caused by the device's battery. More>>

A strap for everyone: The best Apple Watch bands you can buy right now

If you have an Apple Watch, you know how easy it is to take off the strap it came with, so why not buy yourself another one? Here we've gathered the best Apple Watch bands we've seen so far. More>>

Keeping your teen driver safe

Rules for new drivers instituted in Massachusetts back in 2007 have led to fewer car crashes, including fewer deadly crashes, among drivers in their teens.


For diabetics, going vegan may boost mood along with health

Diabetes is a formidable foe that can tax the bodies and the spirits of people diagnosed with the blood sugar disease.


Soundtrack for your strides: Garmin’s Forerunner 645 Music smartwatch adds Spotify

Garmin fans looking to get Spotify on their fitness watch now have another option besides the Fenix 5 Plus series. Starting October 31, Garmin is bringing Spotify on its Forerunner 645 Music smartwatch. More>>

Common chemical tied to language delay in kids

Children may suffer delayed language skills if their mothers come in contact with common chemicals called phthalates in early pregnancy, new research suggests.


An action plan when you regain that lost weight

It's the most frustrating part of dieting: Regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose.


Fueling up with functional foods

Though the term "functional foods" currently has no legal definition, it's more than just a clever marketing catchphrase.


Giveaway: Enter to win a new Apple Watch Series 4 and Casetify strap bundle

The Apple Watch Series 4 refines everything that we love about this smartwatch. We're offering a lucky reader a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 4 and Casetify strap bundle -- a $700 value -- totally free. More>>

Getting flu shot annually won't undermine its effectiveness in kids

Does getting a flu shot every year diminish its power to protect children?


Dirty air tied to millions of asthma ER visits each year

Polluted air may trigger as many as 33 million asthma-related emergency room visits globally each year, a new study finds.


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